Yaskawa SigmaLogic7 Compact servo amplifier

The new SigmaLogic7 Compact is a servo amplifier that makes it possible to add precision and performance upgrades through Sigma-7 servo system in machines using Rockwell Automation programmable logic controllers.

SigmaLogic7 Compact builds on the SigmaLogic, the first Yaskawa SERVOPACK to include Add On Instructions (AOIs) for the Rockwell ControlLogix and CompactLogix family of programmable logic controllers. This capability makes it possible to send instructions programmed using RSLogix5000 (v17 and above) directly from a PLC to SigmaLogic7 Compact with no other programming software.

In addition, SigmaLogic7 Compact includes all the features of a Sigma-7 amplifier in a smaller package, conserving space in control cabinets. It is also a direct replacement of Sigma-5 servo systems as it is readily compatible. It also features 3.1 kHz bandwidth, a package of auto-tuning functions that compensate for machine inertia, vibration, ripples, friction and other artifacts and the system automatically compensates for interruptions from electrical interference.