AutomationDirect Continuous-flexing control cable

CF5 and CF6 multi-conductor control cables from igus are designed, tested and manufactured for continuous-flexing, high-mechanical-load application requirements. They provide a guaranteed service life between 5 and 10 million cycles when operated within specified conditions. Chainflex cables are available with three to 25 unshielded (CF5 series) or four to 12 shielded (CF6 series) conductors in 20 to 14 AWG sizes. The cable is sold in 20-, 50-, 100-, 250- and 500-ft. lengths. Individual conductors are bare copper and stranded for flexing applications. Conductor insulation is a black TPE mixture for 20 AWG and a black PVC mixture for 18 through 14 AWG.

AD igus Flexing control cable 250
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