Banner Engineering safety grid system for access and perimeter guarding

Banner Engineering's SGS safety grid system is for safeguarding equipment access points and long-range perimeters. SGS Safety Grid Systems are Type 4 safety devices that create a grid of two, three, or four light beams over a protective height of 500, 800, 900, or 1200 mm. They protect personnel from injury and equipment from damage by detecting a body or torso entering a hazardous area.

These multiple beam safety light devices operate in two-piece matched systems. Emitter/Receiver systems are capable of safeguarding over long distances and are available in models with a range of up to 60 meters. Active/Passive systems require wiring only on the active side of the deployment, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

Models featuring integral muting enable a direct connection between the system and muting sensors. Material can enter or exit a hazardous area without requiring an external module or controller to mute the safety grid. Muting arm kits specifically designed for these systems are available with pre-mounted sensors and hardware.

SGS Safety Grid Systems are certified for use in North America and the European Union. They feature built-in DIP switches for system configuration without software or a PC. An on-board alignment lamp and LED indicators simplify alignment and troubleshooting.

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