Electromate Motor amplifier for EtherCAT distributed system

The Galil Motion Control’s EDD-3701x EtherCAT slave drive is a motor amplifier that operates in an EtherCAT distributed system comprising as many as 32 slave drives and one master. It has a daisy chain topology using standard Category 5 Ethernet cables. It can interface with Galil masters (DMC-500x0 and DMC-52xx0) or with TwinCAT. The series can control brushed, brushless, stepper and microstepping motors. It has eight digital inputs, four digital outputs, two analog inputs and two analog outputs. All I/O information from these drives is accessible by the EtherCAT master. This capability can eliminate the need for separate EtherCAT I/O devices.

Galil amplifier 250
Motor/Drive-Industrial Electric
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