EZAutomation IIoT-ready PLCs and PACs

EZRack PLC/PAC system is equipped with an IIoT-ready CPU and MQTT protocol. It is Sparkplug B-enabled for connectivity to the Ignition platform. The PLC comes in a three-, five- and seven-slot base, with built-in Ethernet, USB, micro USB and two serial ports. Programming is possible via these ports. It supports EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP and RTU, EZRack TCP/IP and ASCII in/out protocols as well as such I/O modules as discrete I/O, ac I/O, analog I/O, ac/dc combo (relay) I/O, thermocouple input, RTD input, high-speed counter input and combo discrete and analog I/O.

EZRackPLC 250
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