HMS Industrial Networks edge gateway with OSIsoft PI System support

HMS Industrial Networks' edge gateway with native support for the OSIsoft PI System offers companies leveraging the PI System a new path to access critical data produced by their manufacturing systems, enabling industry 4.0.

The solution is built on of HMS’s industry leading edge gateway solution the eWON Flexy. The Flexy to OSIsoft PI System connector allows manufactures to take another step toward full digitization of the factory floor. Enabling more efficient production and ultimately a more competitive production facility.

The Flexy edge gateway simplifies the process of extracting real-time data from machines using serial and Ethernet communications protocols by offering I/O drivers for popular PLC manufacturers including Siemens, Allen Bradly, Mitsubishi, ABB and others. There is no software development effort required to access the data.

The Flexy solution offers full support for secure access to remote locations including user access control, over the air software updates and fully encrypted communications. Remote locations with no internet access are easily connected leveraging the Flexy 3G or 4G cellular backhaul options.

eWON Flexy PI 250
Industrial Networks
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HMS Industrial Networks