L-com Global Connectivity IP67-rated industrial USB 3.0 cable assemblies

The U3A00058 series of IP67-rated industrial USB 3.0 cable assemblies and coupler is available for use in demanding industrial applications. The cable assemblies feature a gasket seal that provides protection from moisture and other contaminants with an IP67 rating. Additional features include double-shielded cable that offers maximum protection from EMI/RFI interference. The IP67-rated panel mount bulkhead coupler offers Type-A male to Type-A female connectors. The U3C00031 coupler is designed to work with the U3A00058 cable assemblies to provide an IP67 rating (when mated), but it can also be used with any standard USB 3.0 cable assembly.

L Com IP67 USB 3.0 Cables 250
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L-com Global Connectivity