L-com High-flex, continuous-motion braided shield Ethernet cable

This series of Ethernet cable assemblies feature high-flex, braided shield cable construction. Designed for applications in which standard patch cables would fail, the cable assemblies are rated to 10 million flex-cycles at 1.82" (46.4mm) for continuous-motion and automation applications. This series includes the TRD855HFB family with shielded RJ45 connectors on each end of the assembly and Category 5e-rated cable; the TRG515-P6D family, which has shielded RJ45 connectors on one end of the assembly and RJ45 GigE connectors on the other end; and the TRG516-P6D family, offering RJ45 GigE connectors on both ends of the assembly.

L Com TRG515 P6D 1M 250
Product Type:
L-com Global Connectivity