Moticont Hollow-core voice coil motor

The HVCM-051-025-019-01 low-inertia hollow-core voice coil motor, or moving coil linear motor, features high acceleration and positioning to less than 1 micron (0.00004 in). The cleanroom-friendly, noncommutated motor is available off the shelf. It has an open aperture of 0.75 in (19.05 mm). The hollow core allows for optics, illumination, laser beams or cables to pass through. It has a 0.5-in. (12.7-mm) stroke length, a continuous force rating of 4.8 lb (21.3 N) and a peak force of 15.15 lb (67.4 N) at a 10% duty cycle and measures 2-in (50.8-mm) diameter by 1-in (25.4-mm) housing length.

Monticont HVCM 250
Motor-Industrial Electric
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