OES Solenoid control modules

These solenoid control modules include pick-and-hold driver, proportional driver, closed-loop solenoid process control, pick-and-drop, load on-off power cycling, dual proportional valve controller and serially controlled solenoid driver modules. Applications of these compact modules measuring 3 x 3 in include solenoids, valves, actuators, dc motors, electromagnets, hydraulics, LEDs, power amplifiers for electro-pneumatic proportional valves and pressure and flow control valves. Module variations include single device—low-side driver, two device—low-side driver, single-device—selectable low- and high-side driver, two device—selectable low- and high-side driver, 50- or 80-Vdc, high-current, serially controlled and bi-directional load cycling.

OES Power Modules 250
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Optimal Engineering Systems