Posital motor feedback kit encoders with open source interfaces

Posital's latest interface offerings for its magnetic kit encoders come with support for the non-proprietary open-source BiSS Line communication protocol. This enables practical implementation of single-cable technology. These motor feedback kits feature 17-bit electronic resolution and are able to bridge the gap between simple resolvers and more complex and expensive optical encoders for servomotors, robot joints and other applications where absolute rotary position feedback is required.

Single-cable technology involves the transmission of power and encoder signal in a single cable. The BiSS Line interface implements the Forward Error Correction function (FEC), which improves availability of data communications, even with faulty cables and plug connections. A 4-wire solution (with separate conductors for communication and power supply) or a 2-wire variant (with combined communication and instrument power supply on a wire pair), are also available, based on the same communications protocols.

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