ThinGap High-speed precision large-bore ring motor

This large-bore compact ring motor is optimized for precision and high-speed applications. The brushless, frameless PM motor model TGO77 has an outside diameter of 77 mm (3.03 in), a 59-mm (2.32-in) inside diameter and an overall height of 18 mm (0.709 in). Continuous torque approaches 0.2 Nm at speeds as high as 30,000 rpm. Vibration free, high-speed operation is facilitated by the patented composite air-core winding, which features a sinusoidal winding with less the 1% THD. Because there is no iron in the stator, there is zero cogging, zero iron loss and zero radial force between the stator and rotor.

ThinGap TGO77 250
Motor-Industrial Electric
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