Carlo Gavazzi inductive proximity sensor with IO-Link

Carlo Gavazzi's IBS04 and ICS05 and 08 Series represent solutions for industrial automation applications where space is limited, but long switching distance is needed. They are available in Ø4mm, M5 or M8 stainless steel housings, with an M8 plug or two meter PVC cable. The IBS, ICS and ICB series inductive proximity sensors are integrated with IO-Link communications. 

The new generation of the ICB 12, 18 and 30 Series are a family of inductive proximity sensors for contactless and wear-free detection of metallic objects. They are available in nickel-plated brass housings, offered in three diameters: M12, M18 and M30, with a sensing distance range between 4 and 22 mm. They are also available with an M12 plug or two meter PVC cable.

Once connected to an IO-Link master, these sensors enable additional advanced functionalities such as the detection counter (RPM) or speed monitoring. Each sensor then becomes fully programmable and provides the means for hundreds of configurations in one single device.