Moticont Direct-drive linear motor with built-in encoder

The SDLM-025-070-01-01 and SDLM-025-070-01-05 direct-drive linear motors (also known as electric cylinders) have built-in encoders and feature high acceleration, high speed, high resolution, zero backlash and zero cogging. These compact motors with quiet linear plain bearings are 1 in (25.4 mm) in diameter and 2.75 in (69.9 mm) long. Protected inside the motor housings are linear optical quadrature encoders that connect directly to the nonrotating shaft. The SDLM-025-070-01-01 has a 1.25-micron resolution, and the SDLM-025-070-01-05 has a 5-micron resolution. Both motors have a stroke length of 0.5 in (12.7 mm), a continuous force rating of 22.2 oz (5.9 N) and peak force of 67.2 oz (18.7 N).

Moticont SDLM 025 250
Motor-Industrial Electric
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