Moticont Vacuum-compatible linear voice coil motor

The LVCM-038-038-01 vacuum-compatible brushless, quiet, efficient, low-inertia, high-acceleration, high-speed linear dc voice coil motor has zero cogging and features high accuracy and high repeatability when operated in a closed loop as a dc servo motor. It has a stroke length of 0.75 in (19.1 mm) with a high force-to-size ratio of 3 lb (13.4 N) and a peak force of 9.5 lb (42.5 N) at a 10% duty cycle. The motor features two 8-32 UNC-2B threaded mounting holes in the housing and two 8-32 UNC-2B threaded mounting holes on the coil end for easy integration into new and existing applications.

Moticont LVCM 038 038 01 VCA 250
Motor-Industrial Electric
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