EZAutomation Catalog

For all your control/visualization needs. Over 400 exciting new products from the manufacturers of the EZTouch operator interface. Get the best guide to the most SENSIBLE automation products. EZAutomation offers a wide range of products from EZPanel operator interfaces to EZMarquees (LED based message displays), Text Panels, Mini PLCs and fully integrated Touch/Text PLCs. Our catalog makes it EZ for you to select and specify any of our products.

EZAutomation combines this EZ to use catalog with the ability to serve your needs from 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. CST and same day shipping for any orders placed by 7:15 CST. EZAutomation also provides technical support from 6 am to midnight. Request a Catalog today and see how EZ it is to be part of the EZAutomation revolution.

EZAutomation; 877-774-3279; www.ezautomation.net.