Voices: Rick Rice

Rick Rice is a controls engineer at Crest Foods, a dry-foods manufacturing and packaging company in Ashton, Illinois. With nearly 30 years’ experience in the field of automation, Rice has designed and programmed everything from automotive assembly, robots, palletizing and depalletizing equipment, conveyors and forming machines for the plastics industry but most of his career has focused on OEM in the packaging machinery industry with a focus on R&D for custom applications.

RFID 2.0 keeps radio frequency alive and well in the controls industry

Constant reinvention has kept radio frequency identification coming back for more while other technologies have fall from favor

By Rick Rice, contributing editor
Nov 4, 2019

In an industry like automation, the fast-paced growth can sometimes leave great ideas in the rearview mirror on the highway of life. Much like the fashion industry, fads can lead certain developments into the mainstream and leave others at the starting gate. One technology that has been around for years, radio frequency identification (or RFID), has withstood the test of time by reinventing itself from time to time.

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