Voices: Rick Rice

Rick Rice is a controls engineer at Crest Foods, a dry-foods manufacturing and packaging company in Ashton, Illinois. With nearly 30 years’ experience in the field of automation, Rice has designed and programmed everything from automotive assembly, robots, palletizing and depalletizing equipment, conveyors and forming machines for the plastics industry but most of his career has focused on OEM in the packaging machinery industry with a focus on R&D for custom applications.

To PLC or not PLC? That is the question

The programmable logic controller fights back and continues to go the distance

By Rick Rice, contributing editor
Oct 31, 2018

The general trend over the past 5-10 years points at an emerging preference of programming languages over traditional ladder logic for machine control. While there have always been those who spout the benefits of structured text (ST) over ladder logic (LAD), the waters are further muddied by what I would call a merging of PC-based programming with automation programming.

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