Ethernet Cable: A Guideline to Implementing Solid or Stranded Cables

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With businesses becoming increasingly more communication-centric, virtually every industry is now relying on industrial Ethernet technology to network critical devices and control systems as well as to enhance process automation and improve efficiency. As one of the most widely used networking technologies, Ethernet connects more than 85% of LAN connected PCs and workstations, providing a flexible solution that delivers real-time data and status updates to ensure constant information accessibility and instantaneous data transfer.

In order to utilize these communication capabilities, Ethernet cables are required to provide the necessary connectivity. These cables are used to connect devices, such as PC, switches and routers, to transmit and receive data. To ensure proper cabling installation, organizations such as the American National Standards Institute, Telecommunications Industry Association and Electronic Industries Association provide clear, concise instructions and standards that assist users in setting up reliable Ethernet connections.

The white paper serves as a useful resource, allowing readers to identify and implement the ideal Ethernet cable to ensure reliable network performance in their industrial applications.