Maplesoft Software Used in Advanced Engineering Research

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Engineering researchers must not only develop models quickly, but they also require in-depth analytical tools to help them understand on a fundamental level the intricacies of their models. Fortunately, tools like MapleSimTM and MapleTM, from Maplesoft, are available to researchers to aid in their model development and analysis.

With MapleSim, researchers can quickly develop their models and can gain insight into their systems' behaviors. Researchers at many academic institutions have adopted MapleSim, advanced physical modeling software from Maplesoft, as a key tool in their engineering research activities.

This white paper illustrates how engineering researchers are making significant strides in their work with the help of Maplesoft technology. It highlights the work of six researchers from around the world, and discusses such diverse projects as space rovers, humanoid robots, parallel manipulators, golf clubs, and electric and hybrid-electric vehicle batteries.