The Advantages of Fanless PCs in Industrial Environments

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With new trends in technology emerging daily, computers are becoming more prevalent in all aspects of industry. However, certain areas have traditionally been difficult or harsh on conventional computer systems. Extreme temperatures, dust and particulates, airflow restrictions and even lack of maintenance access are fairly common issues found in the typical industrial setting. These problems can greatly affect the performance of traditional computers. A variety of technologies and methods have been implemented to try and combat many of the issues found in harsh environments, but one of the best methods is to remove all moving components, including fans, from the computer system. While this approach creates a variety of challenges in design, this white paper discusses how a fanless PC can prevent many of the common stresses a traditional computer may experience and help decrease the downtime of an average system.

Author: Ian Bacon, computer design engineer and Anderson Peeples associate design engineer, CCS  | File Type: PDF

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