Why Migrate Legacy Control Systems?


Every distributed control system (DCS) at some point requires upgrading to ensure reliable operation and to leverage the latest technology. However, justifying automation projects today is extraordinarily difficult — any system being replaced must provide a superior business value proposition.

A well-planned and executed migration to a modern control system not only improves plant availability and reliability, but can also provide a more flexible production platform. Flexibility is the key battleground on which companies seeking to make the most of business opportunities will thrive.

Honeywell offers a wide range of migration options for control systems. These migration solutions are designed to provide access to up-to-date technology without having to "rip and replace" the entire legacy hardware and software system.

With Honeywell's investment protection strategy, plants continue to operate and be supported on their legacy equipment. In this white paper, learn how the transition to new technology can be executed with practically no change to physical wiring and intellectual property. The availability of multiple controllers on a single network also provides freedom of choice for new installations or upgrades.

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