Bonded Pair Cable: Does It Have a Place In Factory Automation

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As the manufacturing industry continues to become more communication-centric, it is relying more on unified data communication and automation systems. High-performance cabling solutions not only ensure the success of these systems, but also help to enhance productivity and streamline operation.

Reliable connectivity is a cornerstone for virtually any industrial application, providing the foundation for continued operation for everything from machinery and manufacturing equipment to industrial Ethernet and field instrumentation. Compared to cables in commercial environments industrial cabling solutions will likely be moved or flexed, and many factory applications require continuous movement and flexing of the cable. It is essential to determine the appropriate type of cable for a specific application prior to installation or use.

This white paper provides an overview of twisted pair cable, examine the use of bonded pair cables and compare bonded pair to non-bonded pair cable with illustrated, detailed examples of cable flex and its effect on the cable itself.