Piezoelectric Flexure Actuators: Expanding Capabilities of Piezo Motion Control

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There are a number of mechanisms whose design integrates piezoelectric flexure actuators – plug-and-play subsystems based on solid-state piezo actuators combined with flexure guidance and amplification elements and optional position-feedback sensors.

Some examples are:

  • A high-speed head positioner in a hard-disk track profiler
  • A sensitive tip/tilt planarization mechanism for a semiconductor wafer chuck
  • A dimensionally-stabilized laser cavity
  • An active mirror-segment positioner for an advanced telescope
  • A fast-actuating nano-focus device in a research microscope, improving our understanding of proteins and DNA and helping to unveil the secrets of disease

In this white paper, Physik Instrumente's outlines how recently-introduced integrated piezoelectric flexure actuators provide an enhanced level of convenience and performance for the OEM designer.