The Ten Commandments of Fiberoptics

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When planning for a successful fiberoptic network and cabling installation, several principles remain constant but often are overlooked. As a training manager for B&B Electronics,  Susan Stanley sees how easy it is to overlook some of these principles. Here are her 10 things to remember about fibeoptics.

  1. Consider the Nature of Thy Sandals When Thou Installeth Single Strand Fiber
  2. Couple Not Thy Single-mode and Multi-mode Fiber Products, For Thou Will Surely Be Vexed and Tormented Thereafter
  3. Fear Not the Short Single-mode Cable Run, for in Attenuation Lieth Thy Remedy
  4. Gaze Not Into Thy Fiber Ports, Lest Thou Be Blinded By Thy Folly
  5. Learn Thy Connector Types, Lest By Ignorance Thou Attempteth to Place a Square Peg in a Round Hole

Download this white paper to get all 10 of Stanley's consideration and learn more about each of them in detail.