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Each Quarter, Control Design's Editors Pull Together the Latest Online Tools, Resources We Can Find in a Specific Topic Area

By Control Design Staff

Each quarter, Control Design's editors pull together the latest online tools and resources that we can find in a specific topic area, and present them here. This installment's topic is alarms.


Write Alarms, Interlocks in PLC Programs
This is an informative post about how to write code for alarms and interlocks in PLC programs, including ladder logic. It's located on the Mesta automation blog about WPF, C# and PLC software at.
Mesta automation



Missed Opportunities With HMI Alarms   
Sister publication The Journal ran an article in its April 2012 issue titled, "Top 5 Missed Opportunities With HMI Alarms and Events." It promises to help readers discover hidden, powerful features of HMI software that can help save time and ease troubleshooting.
Rockwell Automation



Online Videos Demo Alarm Products
A free online tutorial website has demonstrations, including several alarm technologies. An HMI section includes a video series on C-more micro alarm controls. The KickStart Videos section has an introduction to Werma warning alarm buzzers with LED visual alarm indicator lights for control panels.



CNC Machine Alarms, Error Codes Website
Look up CNC machine alarms and error codes for Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Yasnac and other equipment; troubleshoot machinery and equipment; and learn about specific alarms, errors and machine problems. New information is added each month. Ask for help from the linked CNC Professionals forum.


Alarm Blunders: Avoid 12 Costly Mistakes
White paper includes alarm management methods and common mistakes, such as poor project management, using the wrong tools, neglecting to benchmark, cutting resource corners, failing to automate and many more. The white paper is located at www.ControlDesign/matrikon.



Safety Trip Alarm Video
Moore Industries has produced a video showing how its STA Safety Trip Alarm serves as a logic solver that goes beyond what users would expect from a standard alarm trip. The video shows how the STA can monitor potentially hazardous events as well as initiating emergency shutdown procedures or alerting personnel of unsafe process conditions. The video features a demonstration of how the STA serves as a single-loop logic solver in safety instrumented systems (SIS). It also shows how a third alarm monitors input or instrument faults such as a disconnected wire.
Moore Industries


  Alarm Management Handbook
PAS reports that its second edition of The Alarm Management Handbook includes additional practical information on benchmarking alarm system performance, developing a comprehensive alarm philosophy, solving nuisance alarm problems, performing alarm rationalization, implementing advanced alarm handling techniques and improving the operator HMI for optimum situation awareness and incident mitigation.