Stack Lights


Stack Lights

Sound the alarm: How to design effective distress reporting systems for machines and processes

Navigating audible and visual alarming challenges to ensure timely response and minimize information overload
Stack Lights

An illuminating guide to stack lights

Let there be light in a variety of colors

How an HMI display can work in conjunction with stacklights

13 industry experts give ways that the combination can provide relevant performance or production information that helps to optimize production

How many more interfaces, buttons or stacklights can operators rely on?

Information overlord: 14 industry experts give insight into what sorts of additional information stacklights can provide that can be of use to operators and floor managers
Stack Lights

Stacklights: how much is too much?

What are the pros and cons of additional colors or flashing patterns?
Stack Lights

Stack the lights in your favor

The tried and true discrete-signal stack light will have its place above production floors about as long as a stoplight at a street intersection tells us what's expected
Stack Lights

The stack light gets brighter

New technology adds intelligence and customization to industry's time-tested indicator of machine state