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Push, Pull, Show and Tell: Standalone Devices Play an Important Role in Operator Interfaces

Despite a growing reliance on complex industrial automation technologies, there is still a need for discrete, standalone devices such as buttons, switches and indicators.

By Control Design Staff

Despite a growing reliance on complex industrial automation technologies, there is still a need for discrete, standalone devices such as buttons, switches and indicators. These devices obviously come in many types and flavors, and can range from indicators with highly visible LEDs to switches that guard doors on machinery, packaged pushbutton controllers and buttons that operate remotely. Let's take a closer look at a few examples.

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 Banner Indicator Lights
S18DLH and S22DLH general-purpose indicator lights have LEDs for environments with high levels of ambient light, including direct sunlight. The dc-operated units come in terminal-wired or cabled versions, and can be used standalone or enclosed in a panel. A gasket-face flange seals to enclosures, while the 18-mm or 22-mm IP69K-rated housing is rated for harsh washdown applications.  
Banner Engineering;
 Banner Current Operated Switches    
ASC Series current-operated switches combine a current transformer, microprocessor-based signal conditioner and limit alarm contact in one package. Compatible with most automation systems, ASC switches provide a magnetically isolated NO or NC solid-state output for control circuits rated up to 135 Vac or Vdc. The user-specified trip point (2 to 150 A) is calibrated at the factory. The units meet UL, CUL and CE standards.
NK Technologies;
 Banner Guard-Locking Switch
Guardmaster 440G-LZ switch is for guard doors on machinery where partial body access is required. It has a microprocessor and RFID-coded actuator, which ensures the locking-bolt secures only when the correct actuator is detected. The switch uses 2.5-W power, and is TÜV-certified to PLe, Cat. 4 and SIL cl3.
Rockwell Automation;
 Banner Optical Beacon Lights
Werma 57- and 58-mm optical beacon lights come in surface, bracket and tube-mount styles with permanent incandescent, permanent LED and flashing Xenon models in red, green, yellow, clear and blue with either short or tall lens options. A 75-mm diameter beacon light is available in surface- and bracket-mount styles with permanent incandescent, LED and flashing Xenon options.
 c3controls Multi-Voltage Pilot Lights
The company’s 16- and 30-mm, multi-voltage pilot light family has been expanded from a 20- to 240-V range to 20 to 277 Vac/Vdc. One multi-voltage lamp covers a wide range of voltages, and its shallow depth supports the design of smaller control panels.

Wireless Pushbutton Controller    
Limitless wireless operator interface (WOI) is a packaged, pushbutton controller with momentary and maintained contacts. Users choose and install the needed operator (22-mm rotary or key switch) or a pushbutton. WOI Series targets remote monitoring applications, where wiring or wire maintenance would be expensive or is physically impossible.

 Idec Bright Pilot Lights
AP22M pilot lights use high-intensity LEDs for use in direct sunlight. A special optical design makes them twice as bright as standard pilot lights when viewed from the front and up to 100 times brighter than standard pilot lights from the side. They have a Type 4X rating, are c-UL-us-listed, comply with the EN standard and conform to AP22M. They come in red, green, yellow, amber, blue and white, with a choice of colored or clear lenses.
 Banner Adjustable Limit Switch Sensors    
The active sensing face of these five-way adjustable limit-switch style sensors can be adjusted for front, top, bottom, left or right-facing targets. Special four-corner LEDs provide 360° visibility, letting users monitor the sensors’ operating and switching state to help keep machines up and running. The devices are IP68/69K-rated.
 Banner Remote PushButton
Handy Box pushbutton enclosure turns  a wireless pushbutton into a remote controller. It can hang on a forklift truck or panel, or it can be stored using the support mount. The device has a robust and ergonomic design.
Schneider Electric;
 Banner Wireless, Digital
Industrial-grade digital switches and sensors include limit, magnetic, inductive, foot-operated, pull-wire, pushbutton, selector and key-operated designs. Contact types feature an internal energy generator for battery-less operation. Non-contact types have long-life batteries. All devices are cCSA us, FCC and IC-certified.
Steute Industrial Controls;
 Banner On/Off Switches    
MSM LA CS on/off switch has a stainless-steel housing, ceramic actuator and mounting diameters of 19- and 22-mm. The one- or two-pole switch has a high impact-withstand rating of IK 07, and is rated IP64 from the front to the contact area. Switching voltage is 250 Vac/125 Vdc with switching current up to 12 A. Its operating range is -20 to 85 °C.

cd1308r asi Turn to Safety    
Mushroom head industrial switches are available with 30-,
40- or 60-mm operator heads. The e-stop switches include turnkey-to-release, turn-to-release and pull-to-release. The actuator structure is suitable to warrant direct-opening operation with mechanical latching for emergency stopping per ISO 13850 and IEC/EN 60947-5-5. The green line around the actuator body indicates when the emergency stop is activated or at rest.
 Banner Rock On, Rock Off
789 Series DIN-rail-mount switch modules are 17.5-mm wide with rocker switches. 789-800 provides automatic and hand modes to switch a device/machine between PLC-driven operation and manual mode for troubleshooting, etc. 789-801 on/off rocker switch lets users manually control typical accessories within a control cabinet.
 cd1308r peerless Switches and More    
Otto Series switches include toggle, rocker, Hall Effect and pushbutton switches, switch guards, grips and accessories. Value-added switch assembly services such as switch harnesses, switch panels, and engraving and hot stamping of legends are available.
Peerless Electronics;

 Banner See More Lights    
SW44895 quad lamp, pushbutton SPST-to- DPDT switch assembly options include rubber dust boot for panel protection and enlarged lens cap to match industry-standard sizes. Performance specifications include life capability of 100,000 minimum actuations. Ratings are 2.0-A resistive and 0.5-A inductive.
Electro-Mech Components;

 Banner Light 'Em Up    
LP6US LED surface-mount lights in blue, red, yellow and clear have six LEDs with 33 flash patterns. Up to four lights can be synchronized to form a larger warning system. They are rated for 10- to 30-Vdc operation and are CA Title 13-compliant and SAE J595-certified.
 CD1208 omega Installation a Snap    
OMPBD7 22-mm pilot devices offer modular assembly and interchangeability. A toolless mounting latch mates the front element with the contact blocks and other back-of-panel components. The latches install with a click and are removed by pushing a rotating collar to the right.
Omega Engineering;

 CD1408r altech

The Key to Security
These 22-mm key selector switches are watertight, tested to meet NEMA Type 4X, 12 and IP65, and are UL508- and CSA-recognized. All contact blocks have silver contacts for industrial applications; gold plating is available for signal switching. They’re rated for up to 10 A thermal current.