4 must-read articles to keep up with control panel design

Are you up to snuff on the latest in control panel design?

From a single control panel design to comprehensive, mission-critical systems, computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications have enjoyed wide-scale use over the past three decades. Are you up to snuff on the latest in control panel design? Here's help. We've compiled several articles that cover various control panel topics to help keep you informed.

1. Control panel design with maintenance in mind

In this feature, Don Fitchett--president of Business Industrial Network, an industrial training company--offers some considerations for designers and builders of control panels to help ensure the panels' maintainability. Read it here.

2. Experts weigh in on best practices for control panel housings

Design uncertainties can arise from the increasing number of devices in control panels even when regulations are followed to a tee. In this Real Answers feature, experts discuss various solutions. See what they had to say.

3. Custom control panels fit just right for this system integrator and electrical manufacturer

In this case study, find out how Easter-Owens uses its expertise to manufacture custom controls, panels, enclosures and power distribution equipment. Read it here.

4. Control panel build more efficient in-house

In this column, Thomas Conrad explains his view on why companies contemplating bringing control panel fabrication in-house must make sure it has the correct suppliers and partners. Read it here. 


Want more?

Check out the Essentials of Automated Control Panel Design, a white paper from the Control Design Essentials series. In the white paper, essential engineering concepts are presented in a practical, non-commercial fashion, together with a review of the latest technology and marketplace drivers. Get it here.