Ten Robotics Innovations that Make The Industry Cool

Here Are Ten Articles Featuring Fun and Innovative Robots That Not Only Make Our Industry a Fun Place to Work but Also Make Our Jobs Easier

By Katherine Bonfante

Back in the days, robotics was something that only mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and computer science pros were able to do. The design, construction, operation, and application of robots was so complex that an amateur robotics enthusiast couldn't do, but today things are different. Robots and their systems have been simplified and now almost anyone interested in the field can assemble and program robots.

Throughout the years, ControlDesign.com has been covering robotics and we have written about some pretty cool machines like Harry the bowling ball thrower and the astronaut milking machine. We've also written in-depth articles that talk about how robotics has changed and improved throughout time.

In this article, we point you to ten articles on fun and innovative robots that make our industry cool and make our jobs easier.


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USBC's Robotic Bowling Ball Thrower

Named in honor of former USBC testing facility employee Harry Lawrence, he is a robotic bowling ball thrower who is part of the equipment testing and research effort at the USBC test facility in Greendale, Wis. Harry is a key contributor in USBC's two-year study of bowling ball motion and how advanced, high-tech equipment may influence lane conditions and scoring in the sport. Watch this video and see Harry in action.

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Astronaut Milking Machine

The Astronaut A3 milking robot incorporates a robotic arm, which conveys the teat cups underneath the cow to avoid upsetting the animal. The arm is designed to withstand heavy pressure so that, even if the cow should stand on it, no damage would result. The milking robot uses sensors to check milk color, conductivity and flow. This video shows the machine in action and explains the automation behind its features. Read the article here.

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A Vision of Robot Reliability

Robotic systems are becoming more popular and widespread in many industrial manufacturing settings, so the need for reliable operation with the least possible amount of downtime is a common, expected demand. Significant advantages can be realized when these robots are coupled with vision systems.

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Robots and Machines Become Partners in Motion

As robots become cheaper and easier to use, their use in production line design becomes more practical and more common.

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Robotic Cake Decorator

Concept Systems supplies 3-D vision system retrofit for a pair of robotic cake decorating lines.

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Kiva Systems' Mobile Robotic Drive Units

This robot improves productivity, speed, accuracy and product fullfilment. Operators no longer need to walk an entire warehouse looking for items, the robots do all the work. The operator stands still and the Kiva Systems' Mobile Robotic Drive Units brings entire pallets with the necessary items to the operator. Watch the machines in action and learn more.

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Robot Buddies

Beware, generation R will take your job.

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Infographic: 11 Places You Never Expect to Find an Industrial Robot

It is very common to find industrial robots in a big warehouse with lots of machinery, conveyors, and robots moving products, conducting quality inspections, packing products, etc, but sometimes industrial robots pop up in places you least expect them.

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Robot Along the Roadway

Spider ILD02 robotic lawnmower cuts grass and weeds for the Illinois Tollway Authority.

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(American) Robots Take Over Our Jobs

Outsourcing has ended many Americans' jobs. Day after day, news reports inform us of American corporations that have moved their factories abroad. Why? Well, manufacturing costs in China are a lot cheaper. We also know that in today's process automation industry, efficiency is an important factor and machine builders have crafted efficiency in their machines. This is why many robots are now taking over our jobs.