HMI setup time just got shorter with the e!Display line

Minimal programming and engineering provides easy access to a graphical interface.

By Dave Perkon, technical editor

This feature is part of our Product Exclusive Series —

The e!Display line of Web panels from Wago are designed to merge efficient engineering and sleek design. The Web panel acts as an industrial Web browser to interface with Wago’s Ethernet controllers hosting dynamic Web pages for operator interactions.

The e!Display is a resistive touchscreen HMI that can be connected to a PLC via an Ethernet connection. "Once configured, e!Display provides an easy way to access Web visualizations generated by Wago Ethernet PLCs," says Charlie Norz, Wago-I/O-System product manager.

"Unlike traditional HMIs, e!Display Web panels do not have to be programmed, saving engineering time by simplifying development and making system updates easier. The Web panels provide a maintenance-free graphical interface."

E!Display Web Panel is Wago’s second-generation interface terminal. "It was developed to provide system designers the flexibility to implement operator interfaces without spending a lot of time on engineering or installation," notes Norz.

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"Unique mounting clips enable fast and single-handed installation of the Web Panel into the control cabinet. The front of the display, in 4.3-, 5.7-, 7.0- and 10.1-in versions, meets IP65 degree of protection when special clamps are used. The display can also be VESA-mounted on a swivel arm for applications outside of the control panel."

Norz says, “Machine builders and other end users benefit from e!Display’s unique energy saving standby mode. A built-in motion sensor automatically turns the screen on from a standby or screensaver mode when an operator steps up to the display. An onboard sensor also simultaneously detects ambient lighting levels for brightness control, which can also be adjusted using front-mounted buttons."

The development of graphical displays is engineered in Wago’s automation software e!Cockpit or Wago I/O Pro and stored in Wago’s Ethernet-based PLC’s memory, explains Norz. “End users benefit from having both the program and graphical pages in one application, shortening development time,” he says.

“Tags for dynamic graphic elements use the same database as the PLC logic. There is no need to export tags from the PLC development application and import them into e!Display because all the tags are in the same application. Making minor changes or updates to the system is easier because the development is done in one package. Plus archiving the application is straightforward as there is only one application to manage, doing away with the need to keep track of multiple application files.”

E!Display joins Wago’s family of industrial automation solutions. “Typical applications include manufacturing, process engineering and building automation, plus projects in hazardous areas such as oil and gas and mining operations,” adds Norz. “Wago’s automation product line features flexible fieldbus-independent solutions for decentralized automation tasks. We offer a range of programmable controllers in various performance classes for the easy control of all automation tasks."