Remote Connectivity

Remote wireless HMI connects with hazardous-area machinery

How tablet and cell-phone manufacturers have answered the call for Class I, Div. 1 and Zone 1 applications

How to standardize visualization technologies for machine efficiency

The advantages of employing a scalable system built on standard technologies like HTML5, Javascript and SVG images

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Vertical Industries

TurboFil Packaging Machines capitalizes on demand for prefilled syringes

Automation needs, particularly in the inspection process, enables high-volume production

Industrial automation redesigns around the broken supply chain

The supply chain crisis over microelectronics has largely been thwarted in 2023, but it did take patience, planning and some creative engineering
Figure 1: Joystick assembly is configurable with a wide range of optional inputs like triggers, rollers and thumbsticks, and it is ergonomically designed to help operators avoid fatigue.

Joysticks and electronic integration can help operators work closely with equipment at hand

Manufacturer partners with European research lab to build more ergonomic interface

HMIs create a window of opportunity

The necessity of the human-machine interface

Membrane puts the human in HMI

Layered thin-film technology could unlock wearable self-powered interfaces

Fuji Electric MoniTouch

The MoniTouch V10 joins the MoniTouch V9, TechnoShot and X1 series of HMI products available from Fuji Electric. The MoniTouch V10 Series is designed to offer the high-speed processing...

Delta Electronics HMI

Delta Electronics' HMI product, the DOP-100 model, is CE- and UL-certified to ensure compliance with international safety standards and regulations. The DOP-100 HMI by Delta Electronics...

KEB America web HMI

KEB's C6 X1 Web HMI series is available in sizes from 7 inches to 21.5 inches. These panels offer capacitive multi-touch screens and various mounting options for integration. ...

WinCC Unified: Defining the future of HMIs for greater usability, flexibility and scalability

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly transforming the relationship between humans and machines to open new opportunities for innovation in discrete manufacturing and process...