Control Software

Trends helping to simplify machine control

How simplified programming and convergence are driving boosts in efficiency, quality and revenue.

The future of automation is convergence: one software development environment, one run-time software application, one control hardware module, one processor (possibly multiple cores), one network, all functionalities.

At the core of this convergence is simplified programming that allows end-users to break free of purpose-built systems and adapt their machines to rapidly changing needs. 

"The advent of Industry 4.0 will require machine designs with more flexibility and new mechatronic approaches," says B&R Automation. "And software engineering will play an increasingly large role in reducing development time and costs."

This special report from our editors and sponsored by B&R Automation, covers the tools and techniques that empower OEMs to build machines that simplify complexity and leverage connectivity to create true value for their customers. Selected by the editors of Control Design, included articles highlight the following:

    • How function blocks provide simplicity and efficiency for machine builders
    • How IPC improvements are driving new levels of scalability and flexibility
    • How one OEM's control architecture build-off resulted in a simple unified approach and more.

Download the special report here.