What does factory modularity mean for machine controls?

How will the role of PLCs change in a connected plant?
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Containerization technology can enhance automation system integrity and scalability

This modular approach to system design allows multiple applications to run on dedicated environments on a single operating system
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Margo will make running and combining applications smoother

The Margo initiative aligns with ABB’s commitment to open automation systems and emphasizes the necessity of collaborative efforts to drive industrial digitalization forward

PLC programming course developed by Airline Hydraulics and Philadelphia school

La Salle Academy ignites 7th graders’ interest in STEM with after-school program

PLC integration with AI/ML can enable smart manufacturing

Artificial-intelligence demonstration at Automate illustrates the potential of machine control

CNC machines adopt artificial intelligence and AMRs

ANCA’s Samuel Kirkpatrick discusses technology trends affecting machine builders
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A history of packaging machine control

The evolution of PLCs and PACs and the acceptance of newer programming languages have opened doors for industrial automation
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How to use a cause-and-effect matrix

Machine builders can use CEMs for safety risk analysis, programming and training
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Backup strategies to boost resilience and maximize efficiency

Industrial DevOps for OT can minimize risks associated with data loss, lessen recovery times with improved version control and reduce downtime via proactive prevention measures...
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Wago touch panel

Wago has a programming option for its Touch Panel 600 Series. CoDeSys 3.5, a manufacturer-independent automation software, can help to develop control code and visualizations ...
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B&R Automation power panel

The Power Panel C80 offers the combined advantages of a powerful controller and an operator terminal in a single HMI device. The C80 installation is compatible with B&R Automation...
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Sealevel Systems Flexio fanless industrial computers

Sealevel Systems’ Flexio fanless industrial embedded computers are fueled by a quad-core Intel Atom or Core processor. With support for DIN rail or VESA mounting, the Flexio...
Photo courtesy: Beckhoff, 2023
Industrial PCs

RoboTape reduces footprint, downtime and safety risks

Innovative Automation standardizes taping system on PC-based control