Our Facebook 'Wall' Might Be a New Forum

If you have yet to read Managing Editor Aaron Hand's post from last week "A Little Tirade About Science Education," I suggest giving it a glance. This science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-related post seems to have hit home for several of our readers.

Typically, anyone who wants to respond will just comment here, on our blog. However, we are beginning to see more and more discussions developing in the discussion section of our LinkedIn group, and now we are seeing it on our Facebook "wall." This is a great example of how the industry is adopting social media. You can read more about this topic in  this month's cover story "How Automation Professionals Use the Web for Their Jobs." I thought you guys might be interested in reading what others had to say about the post on our Facebook page. It went something like this...

"Are your kids or grandkids getting the science education that will help them be the inquisitive problem-solvers of tomorrow? Do you have good experiences you can share, or suggestions for how things could improve? See what Managing Editor Aaron Hand has to say about this issue:"

Steven D. Weber: If they aren't teaching science in school…what else ARE they teaching?

Aaron Hand: Well, I can only speak for my own kids' grade school, but most of the emphasis is on English and math for the standardized testing, which seems to be all they really care about. Then there's social studies, music, PE, art. Not even all the teachers in the school give such little regard to science, but this one has me pulling my hair out.

Jim Nowacki:
I hear they make it mandatory that all students learn Kumbaya.

Jim Nowacki: The guy who sat next to me in HS freshman Algebra was so bored he only got a B on his mid-term grade. He was bored because he came from Prague around the time the Soviets invaded and he had done the same work, in his words, "during what would be your third grade". The school wouldn't let him test out of that class and when they finally consented, they told him "We have nothing for you, in Math & Science", because he was more advanced than the curriculum AND all of the teachers. That's a school known for academic excellence, too.

Jim Nowacki: I think the ones handing out the diplomas should tell the students, "Congratulations! You have completed your education here and are well on your way to becoming a complete idiot".

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