Maplesoft Celebrates 25th Contributing Year to STEM

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Maplesoft's contribution to the encouragement of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) studies amongst high school and university students.

Throughout the years, Maplesoft has been a developer of software tools that are used in the STEM field, but its most dedicated contributions comes from its support of several projects and competitions that aim to enhance interest in mathematics and science.

“This anniversary is a momentous occasion for Maplesoft, as it looks back and celebrates the ingenuity, creativity and passion of the people who formed and molded the company,” said Jim Cooper, president and CEO of Maplesoft. “Building on the bedrock of innovative and pioneering technology they developed, we have achieved significant success in the last 25 years.”

Maplesoft has been a sponsor of competitions such as Who Wants to be a Mathematician, FIRST Robotics, SAE Collegiate Design Series, NASA Tech Design the Future Contest and Sailbot, which encourage students to use creativity to solve problem through innovative solutions while using Maplesoft’s MapleSim software.

The anniversary event at Maplesoft’s headquarters recognized the company founders and the employees that developed the software. Cooper also presented the University of Waterloo with a Gömböc, a mathematics-based shape discovered in 2007 with the help of Maplesoft, to commemorate the companies involvement in STEM programs at the university.

“Maplesoft looks ahead with a deep sense of gratitude and commitment to its customers, partners, resellers, employees, and the community around us,” said Cooper. “Our technological expertise, combined with the enthusiasm and creativity of our people and the support of our partners, will help us shape the next 25 years.”

For a look at Maplesoft’s history and major milestones, read the full press release.

Sarah Cechowski is the associate digital editor for Control Design and Industrial Networking. Email her at or check out her Google+ profile.