Want Higher Pay? Head to the Sunshine State

If you’re unsatisfied with the paycheck you take home and love warm weather, then you should read into how the demand for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs has continued to rise in Florida over the past few years.

According to The Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine, a national service that compiles online job ads from more than 1,200 job boards, Florida STEM employees increased by 15.2% year over year in January. Because STEM jobs pay more than average wages, Carole Hawkins, reporter for Jacksonville Business Journal, believes the demand for STEM workers indicates growth in the quality of jobs being created.

Duval County in Florida is one of six metro areas that is leading STEM job demand in the state. In January 2010, Florida had 38,024 ads, but has since then increased by 18,381 openings (48.3%).

For information about labor demand in your state, read The Conference Board's full press release.

Sarah Cechowski is the associate digital editor for Control Design and Industrial Networking. Email her at scechowski@putman.net or check out her Google+ profile.