Binder 670/770 cable connector with protective cap

Feb. 2, 2024

Binder not connected closed (NCC) 670 and 770 cable connectors include protective caps to prevent the ingress of particles and humidity when the interface is disconnected. The protective caps are equipped with holding straps that can be attached to the cable connectors. The protective caps protect the components against ingress of dust and liquids when unmated, meeting IP67 requirements. The 670 and 770 series offer compact and versatile five-pin and eight-pin connectors featuring bayonet locking. The NCC series are characterized by spring-loaded plastic covers to protect the female panel mount parts and ensure the contacts are safely enclosed in the housing. When unmated, the panel mount parts are protected against contact, dust, and splash water from all sides—IP54 for the 670 series—or against temporary immersion in water—IP67 for the 770 series. Now, due to the protective caps, also the male

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