Data Acquisition & Monitoring

PI North America names new board members

Halterman, Wolowec and Raithel bring fresh perspectives and experience with industrial networks and systems
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

The digital world returns to CSIA Exchange in Dallas

System-integrator panelists discuss how they’re using digital tools
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

5 trends shaping technology adoption

System integrator Gray Solutions focuses on AI, robotics, machine vision, edge computing and digital twins

How has I/O evolved?

Test your knowledge of input/output technology

The impact of IEC 61499 on input/output

How software’s rise has changed control and HMI/SCADA
Data Acquisition & Monitoring

Three key points for a strong data foundation

By centralizing disparate data, supporting integration and scalability and ensuring data quality and governance, industrial organizations can harness their full data potential...
Remote Connectivity

Remote wireless HMI connects with hazardous-area machinery

How tablet and cell-phone manufacturers have answered the call for Class I, Div. 1 and Zone 1 applications
Remote Connectivity

Robotics companies collaborate on remote-connectivity application

Monitoring and control partnership between Kawasaki Robotics and Olis Robotics on display at MODEX 2024
Switches & Gateways

Newark Multicomp Pro Ethernet switch

Newark's Multicomp Pro unmanaged Ethernet switch offers five ports of 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet, with redundant dual power inputs ranging from +5 V to +30 Vdc. Its compact design...
Switches & Gateways

SoftPLC gateway/protocol converter

SoftPLC gateways are designed to be user-configured to support a mix of Ethernet and serial protocols such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus and DF1. They support multiple channels...
Edge Technology

The evolution of IT/OT merging

CIOs in manufacturing organizations must understand and address the cultural differences between IT and OT in order to evolve

Siemens machine-mount I/O

Simatic ET 200SP is designed to adapt to your communication standard, with the range of supported protocols designed to meet all possible requirements. Despite its compact design...