Binder M12 panel-mount connectors

June 3, 2024

The binder M12 panel-mount connectors feature assembled wires, an advanced sealing concept, safety features and sustainable materials. Optional shielding and customization are also available. In addition to dip-soldered versions, this variant is available in a second termination type—the panel-mount part is suitable for installation in confined spaces, as it can be attached directly from the front. Larger fastening threads for the coupling nut typical with M12, such as M16x1.5, are not required with this product. The product has a new type of sealing concept. The connector body is pressed into the panel-mount connector sleeve on the connection side rather than the male connector side. The seal is made on the front side instead of on the rim of the male connector body. The male panel-mount sleeve is made of lead-free brass. A specific inner contour has also been provided to securely fix the male receptacle and act as an anti-rotation device.

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