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5 Articles to Help Explain the Industrial Internet of Things

March 31, 2015
Beneath the buzz, the automation industry needs to understand the future and current effects of IIoT.

Buzz words, such as Big Data, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, intelligent devices, and more get thrown around a lot these days. But beneath the buzz, there's a lot to take in on how changing technology will affect the industrial industry and how these new advances should be broached in organizations and companies.

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For more information, explanation and varying opinions on how IIoT will change the industry, check out any of these popular, recent articles: 

1. Industrial Internet of Things — The New Frontier

The IIoT will significantly change the world, predicted Greg Gorbach, vice president, ARC Advisory Group. While his prediction isn't exactly bold or risky, Gorbach and a group of roundtable presenters at ARC Forum 2015 in Orlando, Florida, discussed how IIoT not only will change industry, but often how it's already had an impact. Read more. 

2. Machine Builders and Integrators Address the Future of Automation

Big Data and the Internet of Things have dominated the boardroom buzz for the past year. We asked members of the Control Design Editorial Advisory Board what their organization is doing to enable that type of contextual information via the control system. Plus, they tell us how they see that type of connectivity playing out in 2015. Read more. 

3. What Is This Industry 4.0 Anyway?

Does the whole idea of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” aka, “Industry 4.0” make you dizzy? You’re not alone. While they haven't quite developed an elevator pitch, the folks at Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH, of Regensburg, Germany, a manufacturer of tap changers and other devices for regulating power transformers, have boiled the whole amorphous idea down to 12 short bullet points. Read more. 

4. Aging Digital Infrastructure Warrants Investment in New Technology

“We are moving into an environment where it is economically logical to take some risks," says Brian Beaulieu, author of “Prosperity in the Age of Decline” and CEO of ITR Economics. Hear what Beaulieu and others have to say about the future of manufacturing in America. Read more. 

5. Air Products, ABB, Microsoft Services Share IoT Strategy

We all know about the IIoT. We’re all talking about it. Some companies are even trying it on for size. But some nagging questions still need to be answered; namely, how can all this chattering equipment and its newly generated data help companies run more efficiently and profitably? Read more. 

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