Help Protect Against Cyber Threats with These White Papers

Feb. 25, 2015
To help protect your networks, we've compiled our most popular cybersecurity white papers.

Big company. Small company. Everyone needs to be thinking about ways to protect industrial networks from hackers. There are numerous types of cyber attacks out there, but no matter the kind, the consequences can be significant for any industrial operation.

To help protect your networks, we've compiled our most popular cybersecurity white papers to help you improve your security understanding.

Industrial Networking Security Best Practices 

In this white paper, Moxa discusses five major categories of hacking afflicting today’s industrial control systems and identifies some simple hardware devices and settings that can help protect against these threats. Get the white paper.

Belden Defending Against the Dragonfly Cybersecurity Attacks 

This whitepaper details the arsenal of attack vectors used to infect organizations, how Trojanized software from trusted supply chain vendors is a pathway to control systems and how the malware has been updated over time through the use of a command and control infrastructure. Get the white paper.

Intelligence-Driven Computer Network Defense Informed by Analysis of Adversary Campaigns and Intrusion Kill Chains

This white paper discusses the use of "kill chains" in the analysis of these threats and the use of the resulting data for system protection. Get the white paper.

Get Smart About Electrical Grid Cybersecurity 

This white paper focuses on substation cybersecurity as these facilities are the heart of power transmission and distribution control and communication systems. Learn how Ethernet switches, firewalls and gateway controllers are the cybersecurity gatekeepers to substations. Get the white paper.

Providing Access to Your Manufacturing Data - Securely

Security today is a necessary part of every manufacturing operation that expects to run smoothly, efficiently, safely, and profitably. But protecting the industrial environment is far from an easy job. As production equipment and the systems that connect and control it grow increasingly more complex and sophisticated, the measures needed to protect them become more critical as well. Get the white paper.

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