Eaton, Tenable partner for power system and industrial control cybersecurity

Dec. 8, 2021

Power management company Eaton and Tenable Inc., a cybersecurity solutions provider, formed a new partnership to help customers secure critical power system and industrial control environments. Eaton will bring its knowledge of electrical systems and industrial environments to the partnership, while Tenable’s solutions will provide IT/OT cybersecurity management.  

Eaton and Tenable will provide customers with a turnkey solution to determine potential vulnerabilities, prioritize remediation and continuously monitor the ongoing security of critical assets through existing IT and OT networks. 

“Recent cyber-attacks highlight the increasing importance of integrating cybersecurity into organizational maintenance strategies,” said Reid Vance, director of power system automation and cybersecurity services at Eaton. “By partnering with Tenable, we’re able to pair Eaton’s 100-year plus experience in power systems with Tenable’s deep expertise in securing converged IT/OT environments to give customers a single pane of glass to view their critical power environments and industrial control systems.” 

Under the joint solution offering, Eaton will provide cybersecurity services that include design, deployment and maintenance of critical power and OT/industrial control systems (ICS) based on its Secure Development Lifecycle process (SDLC).

“Tenable’s innovative solutions enable customers to understand and address cyber exposure across their converged IT/OT environments in a holistic and prioritized fashion,” said Terry Dolce, senior vice president, global business development and channels at Tenable. “We look forward to working with Eaton to help our mutual customers protect their converged environments from cyber threats.”

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