Why AI and ML are poised for widespread adoption in 2022

Nov. 23, 2021

Mike Reed is the manager of AVEVA’s AI Center for Excellence, and has been running the Center of Excellence since its inception and its prior versions. (It was also the Monitoring Diagnostics Services Center for AVEVA.) He was trained as a mechanical engineer and has held positions from operator and operations manager to maintenance manager. Plant Services Chief Editor Thomas Wilk had a chance to speak with Mike prior to October’s AVEVA PI World Digital event on asset management best practices, and how maintenance teams can integrate artificial intelligence into their processes.

PS: In your opinion, what are most plants doing right these days when it comes to asset management, even before factoring in AI and machine learning?

MR: Over the past couple of decades, most plants have adopted fully the concept of taking all the data and that big data that they’re gathering and putting it into some sort of historian, for example, like OSIsoft PI, and that allows them to be gathering all this real-world data about their equipment and putting it in there, and starting to gather insights just using straight historian analytical tools. That part has really been accepted as canon within the industry.

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