A machine learning education at Automation Fair

Oct. 19, 2016
Discover why the IT-OT convergence is important at this year's Automation Fair in Atlanta, Georgia.

With the development of the big three technologies—Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud and big data—too much information is a reality today.

Working with this information to identify or predict a problem and to decide on a solution can be very difficult, but machine learning will help.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are developing along with the big three technologies, and machine learning is likely to be a big hit on the factory floor. It will help end users, machine builders and integrators to solve problems from the enterprise level down to the machine and process levels.

The IoT solutions are great at getting connected and producing data, but without machine learning or other automated learning techniques, these solutions are limited as the huge amount of data drowns its effective use.

The brute-force approach of data collection will be streamlined when users can identify the data points with the most value.

Today, much of the data used is low-hanging fruit. It's the data that has a large, negative impact on productivity or efficiency. Machine learning will guide us to a more predictive and adaptive use of the data.

Some of the first steps on the path to machine learning can be found in The Connected Enterprise, the Rockwell Automation IIoT vision in which smart assets and technology enable making decisions closer to the point of information.

It's moving beyond diagnostic capabilities. The next level will be predictive and prescriptive before a problem occurs. Machine learning from the controller level to the cloud is needed, and it will be valuable to users.

If you are a controls designer, programmer or OT professional and are interested in machine learning and how to simplify the convergence of IT and OT, the Automation Fair has some great educational opportunities.

Attendees of this free event organized by Rockwell Automation can dive deep into hands-on tutorials about properly designing and deploying information and control architectures, learn lessons from leaders in specific industry sectors, and kick the tires on the latest in automation and information technology from Rockwell Automation and its partners.

This year’s 25th anniversary Automation Fair is coming up fast: November 9-10 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, with the Process Solutions Users Group earlier that same week.

Admission is free, but the hands-on training sessions often fill up quickly.

About the author
Dave Perkon is technical editor for Control Design. He has engineered and managed automation projects for Fortune 500 companies in the medical, automotive, semiconductor, defense and solar industries.
About the Author

Dave Perkon | Technical Editor

Dave Perkon is contributing editor for Control Design. He has engineered and managed automation projects for Fortune 500 companies in the medical, automotive, semiconductor, defense and solar industries.

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