News from Omron Automation OPEN 2022

Nov. 7, 2022
Customer-centric automation presentations took place in multiple sites across the nation

Omron Automation hosted its OPEN 2022 event, co-located in Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas and Detroit, with attendees at each site able to choose between live in-person presentations and video feeds from the other locations. Find the information from six of those presentations in these articles.

Putting future-ready digitization concepts into practice today

As manufacturers are faced with concepts like digitization, Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, and the like, it helps to determine what the primary conceptual trends are, and how they lead to some concrete strategies that can be implemented today. When considering the three primary trends of data, flexibility, and changing labor dynamics, we can see how these can be answered through focusing on machine performance, building simpler and more robust solutions, and making data more accessible. Read more.

How to create a collaborative and adaptive workplace that embraces robots and automation

How can we promote harmony between human and machines, starting from the time of implementation? Mark Noschang, robotics engineering supervisor at Omron, suggests an effective process: Think beyond, start small, and scale fast. Read more.

How a robust data acquisition system helps manufacturers overcome challenges in quality assurance, high-precision assembly, flexibility, and labor availability

By using an all-in-one operation platform, manufacturers can take advantage of simplified integration and an improved ability to collect, contextualize, analyze, and optimize real-time data for smart manufacturing. Read more.

Automation is the future of logistics

The evolution from manufacturing automation to warehouse automation demands similar operational efficiency and throughput, but the nature of unknown objects adds extra layers of complexity. Automation can help to save time by taking away the non-value-added steps in warehouse processes. Here are three robotic order picking solutions that can ease logistics challenges. Read more.

Omron global strategy of solving social challenges with a local focus is key to harmonizing growth and sustainability

Throughout the current period of uncertainty, the near future for manufacturers is about how to reduce backlogs and align business for growth as we stabilize supply chains by finding alternative parts and suppliers while simultaneously ensuring quality through traceability and product genealogy. Here's how Omron is looking to address today's challenges with innovative automation. Read more.

Built-in safety improves flexibility and adaptability

“Industrial manufacturing processes demand that machine guarding solutions become adaptable to dynamic manufacturing techniques with diverse functions.” Mohammad El-Naji, TUV Rheinland functional safety engineer at Omron Automation, explored the evolution of machine safety components and explained how integrating safety into core processing can help rapidly evolving factory processes during Omron OPEN 2022.  Read more.

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