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How UNS can standardize data from different systems

Dec. 29, 2022
UNS technology can help standardize data to make each system's data understandable and transferrable to others.

Connecting data from automated machines and systems is core to Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integrations but requires data standardization. With each system creating data in its own way, unified namespace (UNS) technology has been garnering attention as a means to standardize data to make each system's data understandable and transferrable to others. 

“UNS allows for a central location to be the source of data for your plant’s assets. This central repository then allows connections to edge devices as well as other platforms and databases, thereby decreasing the number of separate connections that must be maintained," says Will Aja,  Panacea Technologies, in a recent article from Automation World.

Learn more about UNS and its benefits in Does data need to be standardized? on, an Endeavor Business Media partner site. 

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