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High Sensitivity Accelerometers for Monitoring Semiconductor Manufacturing

March 8, 2024
This white paper addresses the complexities of semiconductor manufacturing, which are amplified by the growing demand for smaller, more advanced devices. The evolving nature of manufacturing processes poses challenges in avoiding nanometer-scale errors.

Semiconductor manufacturing processes are extremely complex and rapidly evolving. As consumer demand for smaller sizes and more advanced capabilities continues to grow, it becomes more challenging to avoid manufacturing errors at the nanometer scale. Additional demands for increased throughput require faster-moving manufacturing and inspection machinery, making semiconductors susceptible to higher vibrations during production. These vibrations can corrupt the patterns deposited on the semiconductors, leading to circuit failures in the finished parts. We will discuss how accelerometers work and their basic operating parameters in this white paper, along with how these parameters can be tuned to dramatically increase sensitivity, measure displacements at the nanometer scale.

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