Beckhoff multifunctional terminal

June 7, 2024

The EL4374 EtherCAT terminal introduces an analog I/O module. The EL4374 is a multipurpose, combined input/output for -10/0 to +10 V or -20/0/+4 to +20 mA signals that can be used for standard automation tasks at a rate of 1 ksps per channel. The EL4374 terminal combines two analog inputs and two analog outputs in a 12-mm housing. Engineers can individually parameterize these channels for current or voltage mode using Beckhoff’s TwinCAT 3 automation software. The analog inputs and outputs are digitized with a resolution of 16 bits and transmitted to the higher-level automation device under galvanic isolation. With a signal measuring range of +107% of the nominal range, the EL4374 terminal also supports commissioning with sensor values in the limit range and evaluation in accordance with NAMUR NE43. The outputs can provide up to 107% of the nominal value. In addition, the output power allows a load of up to 750 Ω at 20 mA.

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