Edge computing for controls engineers: key takeaways

Feb. 19, 2024
How the evolving landscape of edge computing can benefit controls engineers

Partner publication Control highlights the growing importance of microprocessors and software in leveraging wireless and mobile technologies, offering flexibility and mutual benefits in this article.

System integrator Patti Engineering's experimentation with low-cost edge devices like Arduino's microcontrollers exemplifies a practical approach to collecting and processing data at the edge, especially from legacy devices not designed for cloud communication. This approach addresses the challenge of data overload while maintaining existing components, emphasizing the importance of defining specific problems and functional specifications for successful implementation.

On a larger scale, Interstates collaborated with a consumer-packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer to design a standardized, centrally managed edge-computing stack for worldwide deployment across its facilities. This initiative aimed to address constraints such as local licensing, latency and security issues, while ensuring consistency and supportability across diverse operational environments.

By consolidating and standardizing OT computing infrastructure, the project improved management efficiency, cybersecurity and operational resilience, highlighting the significance of aligning edge computing solutions with production processes to enhance safety, reliability, and security in industrial operations.

To learn more about edge computing, read the full article from Control.