Code backup and comparison

Oct. 17, 2022

DeviceLink works with Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley, CoDeSys, Beckhoff and Fanuc devices and can schedule code backups at any time or frequency. FTP and Bash scripting are also supported, and Siemens device support is planned for future release. Once the code is backed up, DeviceLink will compare it to the last known version. When changes are detected, it will create a new committed version. If desired, the new edits can be reviewed, approved and merged into any ongoing development code. DeviceLink builds on Copia Automation’s Git-based source control and its ability to render control programs in standard formats, including ladder logic, function block diagram and structured text. As changes occur, the difference between versions can be highlighted. DeviceLink is designed to bring DevOps practices to industrial automation, with Git-based source controls allowing engineers to work simultaneously on the same codebase, review code and ensure changes are documented and accessible.